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Frederic Levesque, a  master of French Contemporary Sculpture brings you his unique talents.

 Born June 1960, died June 2010. Frederic Levesque, artist and sculptor, possessed an undeniable talent. His sculptures are full of humor and attention to detail. His realism and his love of nature magnified the value of his pieces some of which show great respect and fascination for the animal world.

 From 1980 to 1983, he attended "Les Beaux Art" school in Paris which gave him the ability to master his talents. He then used his drawing skills successfully to create logos, posters and various advertising materials from 1984 to 1986.

His first showings took place in Paris where he presented his early paintings at the "Grand Palais" in 1987. In 1988, the Acropolis of Nice in Southern France welcomed him for the "Signes, Shemas, Images" exposition. One could already see in his canvases the finesse of the stroke and the feeling for detail. These two elements were found again in 1989, when he put together a powerful series of ten large plaster sculptures, using materials and objects as diverse as they are unusual (stove, bathtub, engine, motorcycle, baby carriage).

Fascinated by the work of Tinguely, Frederic Levesque executed during the period 1990-91 a series of "Beasts" immortalizing his vision of the animal world with pieces very important to the young sculptor. Frederic demonstrated during the 1992 "International Show of Contemporary Sculpture" that his talent was genuine by presenting a bust of the very well known master of French humor, Sacha Guitry. Monsieur Andre Bernard, president of the organization "Friends of Sacha Guitry" declared it "a beautiful piece of art and a unique honor to Guitry".

1993 saw the birth of another tribute, this time a wall relief presented as an homage to Jean Cocteau where again, the unique style of the artist became evident. That same year also saw the realization of his latest series of smaller sculptures, "Artnimals and Gargoyles". The Artnimals show his own sense of humor through the absurd: a lion tamer inside the lion's mouth , a kangaroo with his pocket full of money, a scuba-diving penguin etc. Life after all is just a joke to be displayed on the living-room table !

And then came the Gargoyles, a little bit of toad slime, some salamander powder, an ounce of plaster and you have Frederic Levesque's gargoyles. Monsters, half devil, half beast, these chimeras are worked to the smallest details with incredible patience to characterize complex dreams. They arouse our imaginations and remind us of our legends.